About Brand Gumbo

Brand Gumbo is a niche business-to-business consultancy that helps companies communicate in a deeper way for better results.

We believe the key to growth is great communication. Our purpose is to cultivate an environment of clear communication that helps people realize their collaborative potential.

We provide research, strategy and content services to strengthen your positioning, enrich your brand experience and grow your business relationships. 

If you want smart, in-depth business understanding and crisp communication that helps B2B buyers make progress through the buying process, we can help.

We’re rooted in Louisiana, seasoned throughout the United States, and based in Georgia. And we'll travel where you need us.

About David Bragg

David Bragg, founder of Brand Gumbo LLC, grew up in New Orleans, a city whose quintessential cuisine inspired the company's name.

David M. Bragg , founder of Brand Gumbo. 

David is a long-time marketing and communication consultant with experience in multiple industries. He has worked in high-tech manufacturing, healthcare, information services, and at least a dozen other sectors over the years, through a cornucopia of client projects.

After starting his career with two global agencies in editorial and account management roles, he has worked for large international companies and small start-ups in various capacities, from corporate communications to product marketing to brand strategy.

His clients work with him to create value for their customers, earn support from their stakeholders and increase brand equity for their companies. He brings an intellectual perspective, functional depth and methodical focus to challenges.

David is a member of the Qualitative Research Consultants Association, the American Copy Editors Society and the American Marketing Association.

His passion is helping individuals, teams and companies find their authentic voices and reach higher levels of performance.